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Get business email, video conferencing, cloud storage, and file sharing. It’s all the tools your team needs to collaborate and get more done, together in one place.

G Suite is a great fit for Contractors and Trade companies.  We’ve helped many Go Google.  There are a multitude benefits your company will gain by moving to G Suite.  We have highlighted a couple here for you to consider.

Empower Your Mobile Workforce

Allow your team to access their email, calendar, contacts and company documents on any device from any location; whether in the office, on the job site, or from the road.  

Allow your team to move projects along rapidly. Project managers, foremen, engineers, and subcontractors can easily access, edit, and share files.

Workers on-site can quickly and easily access the newest version of project blueprints from a smartphone or tablet device, and leverage real-time communication with Instant Messaging & Video Conferencing on Android and iPhone devices.

Sales teams can snap pictures on-site and easily upload to the customer folder in Google Drive for the rest of the team to review.

Shared Individual and group Calendars

Make scheduling hassle free.  A new lead call comes in and your admin at the office takes down thier information.  Easily create an appointment for the new lean on the sales reps calendar. The sale rep on the field gets a notification his his phone that a new appointment has been created on his calendar.   Boom! Easy as that.

Need to track their daily activities?  No problem. You, and your manages have full visibility all your teams calendars.  Know exactly what they’re doing and when. Same for your crew. Easily schedule jobs for them.

Create group shared calendars and invite your team.  This way you can schedule office meetings or schedule jobs for closed contracts, and everyone that needs to know, can see it.