Watch Out for This Phishing Email

Email users are now being targeted in a pretty convincing looking phishing attack. 

Phishing attacks are a common tactic used by cyber criminals to try to trick you into giving them your information.  This current threat is a perfect example. The email appears to come from someone you know, and includes a password protected PDF file.  When you try to open the file, you are taken to a pretty convincing looking Microsoft log in page asking you to sign in with your work email credentials. DO NOT DO IT!

While the log in page does look realistic, there is one major red flag:

This is not a domain. This is your biggest and most important red flag. Always check the URL before you log in to any site to make sure you're actually on the site you think you're on. 

If you or anyone on your team suspects having received such email, and entering their password: IMMEDIATELY have them change their email password and check their email settings for any suspicious filters. If you're ever suspicious about an email or something just doesn't feel right, don't click on anything and don't enter your information into a sign in screen that comes up.