View Your Google Calendar From Within Gmail

Knowing your schedule at all times is vital when reading and composing emails. If someone asks you to get coffee later this afternoon, you should know what times you are free.

Obviously, you can open up your Google Calendar in another tab and check what events are on the horizon before responding, but wouldn’t it be nice if you could see this information right in Gmail? Now you can!

The newly redesigned Gmail has a lot of smart tricks, but none offer quite as significant a boost to productivity as the side panel. The panel at the right of the new Gmail interface lets you pull up Google Calendar, Google Keep, or Google Tasks right inside your inbox so you can manage info from each of those apps without having to switch tabs or open anything new. With Tasks, you can even drag messages from your inbox into the panel to create new tasks around them!

new Gmail - Tasks

It’s so popular with Gmail users, it seems, that Google is expanding it. The company says it’s introducing that side panel feature to other G Suite Apps, so you’ll now be able to access Google Calendar, Keep, and Tasks from within Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Drawings. You’ll also be able access Keep and Tasks from within Calendar.

If you don’t like the side panel or feel it makes a Google app too cluttered, which is a valid argument for the redesigned Gmail, you can also minimize it to keep it out of the way.