These password management apps that will work on all your devices

Password security is essential. We have more passwords than ever before.  How can we keep them all in order?  You can do it with a password manager: Here are three worth checking out.

One of the leaders in password management, LastPass features apps for almost every platform and web browser you can think of. The ubiquity of LastPass makes it an excellent choice, as does one of its newest features: Stored passwords are shared between devices for free.

You can download LastPass at its website or on your respective mobile app store.

Dashlane may not boast the market share that LastPass does but that doesn't mean it's not a valuable app. Dashlane does all the same things as other password managers and it does them well.

One of Dashlane's standout features is its storage option: You don't have to store your passwords in the cloud if you don't want to. It will still be encrypted with AES-256 but your private information can stay put right on your device. If you want to pay for universal access to your passwords you'll have to store it in the cloud, but those wanting serious security can opt for the local option.

You can download Dashlane for your PC or Mac at its website. Mobile users can get it on Android and iOS. Sorry everyone else: It's not available for other platforms (not even as a browser extension).

1Password is a lot like the other apps out there, but with a few neat features made for small businesses and families. Subscription fees allow for password sharing, a business management console, multiple password vaults, and other features.

Individual users can unlock a bundle of premium features for a one-time payment, which makes 1Password a good choice for the single user as well. An Apple Watch app, custom fields, one-time password generation, and custom organization options are all part of the $9.99 bundle.

We use 1Password and like it a lot.

1Password is available for macOS, Windows, Android, and iOS. You can download all versions here.